Talking about Balestrate means talking about the radiant sun, the clear sea, the kilometres long golden beaches, the encounters, the long nights, the beautiful sunsets, the entertainment, the hospitality of it’s people, the water sports, the forest, the fossil shells, the excellent fresh fish…
For you at Casa Ruffino’s in the Via Madonna del Ponte 49: tranquillity and cordiality.

Balestrate is a little coastal town founded in 1681 with 6000 inhabitants, at 40 km to the west of the city of Palermo, and at 50 km to the east of Trapani, in the heart of the gulf area (Golfo di Castellammare). Fishery and agriculture stood at the base of its fortune, with the wine producers Florio, Ingham and Woodhause in the recent past and the commercial and fishing harbour in the present and the future. Today visited by tourists from all over the world, attracted by the clear and azure blue sea and the golden beaches, the beautiful sunsets and the hospitality of the inhabitants. The town of Balestrate is characterized by long and strait streets and the big town square with its marble tiles, dominated by the Chiesa Madre (chirch), dedicated to Sant’Anna.